The two most commonly asked questions from our clients during the Discovery process are:

1. How does your program work to build the value of my company?
2. Can I really run my company successfully and NOT need to work 60 or more hours per week?

The answer to both is YES!

Our system is based on scientific methods gleaned from analyzing more than 60,000 businesses. 

The eight drivers of company value that we have identified will, when following our program, generate an increase in pre-tax profits. In fact, companies who work to a 90 or greater score on our Value Builder matrix receive offers to purchase that average 7.1 times pretax profits. (That is almost double the average for businesses that have not experienced working with our advisors!)

You don’t have to sell your business to enjoy the benefits of working with Alchemy Transitions. Many of our clients are excited to learn they can enhance the value of their business while working fewer hours. 

They do so by optimizing each of the 8 drivers, developing a team of “A” players who are committed to the success of the business, and implementing the systems we help you design. The result is the opportunity to become a true CEO, working ON and not just IN your business.

Whether your goal is to sell or optimize your business, by investing just three to five hours each month working with one of our consultants we can help you achieve your objective. CALL US today to learn more


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